About us

Our company

1Raws takes great pride in being a top supplier of raw material for androgenic anabolic steroids. We make distribution easier world wide thanks to our great shipping department.

What makes us better?

Our discreet packaging makes it easy for product to make it through customs successfully with a 95% pass rate to destinations such as New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Brazil. Shipping to other countries have a 99% pass rate.

Safety of our customers

Due to the jurisdictions of many countries 1Raws works in accordance to the laws of each nation to ensure our customers safety and well being. Your safety is important to us. 1Raws appreciates all customers and works closely with them in maintaining proper communication throughout the process of clearance and delivery of each package.

Bulk Orders

Our many years of experience has led us to understand custom regulations and clearance procedures. We take every process into consideration when shipping bulk orders through ocean freight. Our sophisticated shipping logistics makes sure it is risk free and guarantees package arrivals for potential clients.

Package Seizures

There is always an unknown chance that a package may or may not be seized. We have experienced very few ocasiones in which a package has not arrived to its destination. Our procedure is the following; for any seized package being shipped to Australia, Brazil, Canada,New Zealand we will take 50% of the loss and return only 50% of the value back to the customer. For all other countries we will return 100% of the value or resend the package free of charge.