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Arimidex or Anastrozol is an inhibitor of aromataze.

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Arimidex or Anastrozol is an inhibitor of aromataze, that binds irreversibly to the enzyme to stop the metabolization of androgens and estrogens which helps avoid the development of breast cancer.It is the first of a new clase from a third of oral inhibitors of aromataze. It is commmonly used in bodybuilding to decrease the the amount of estrogen due to the testosterone or aromatic substances. This is much more effective compared to another method called nolvadex and proviron. It is often used when athletes are in a cutting phase and when they want to get rid of the maximum amount of estrogen in the body to avoid retaining water and have a more defined look while competing.

Chemical Characteristics

Anastrozol is classified as an ihibitor of aromataze, no steroid capable of binding to an the enzyme aromataze which effectively reduces the production of estrogen in the body.

Side Effects

The most common side effects are feeling lathargic and tired which is caused by the lack of estrogen in the body and estrogen is also the hormone in which controls sleep.Due to this the hormone levels are reduced in the bloodstream it is normal to experience extreme fatigue during its use. Other common side effects are low libido, headaches, loss of balence, upset stomach and nausia. All these side effects are not permanent and tend to fade once the treatment is completed.

AppearanceWhite Crystalline Powder

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